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Locks Formula Universal Non-Heating Coarse Mix – suitable for livestock prone to excitability or at rest wholesome ingredients. Great value for money
Locks Formula Universal Heating Coarse Mix – based on our popular non-heating coarse mix with oats added to give that little extra to livestock that need a boost.


Other Farm Feeds Stocked

Barley Meal 
Rolled/Flaked Barley 25kg
Lock’s Garage Own Whole Oats
Rolled Oats 25kg
Wheat Bran/Broad Bran
Flaked Maize
French Maize
Sugar Beet Pulp Shreds
Sugar Beet Pulp Nuts
Wheatings (Available To Order)


Lock’s Garage Own Cattle Cake 16%
Lock’s Garage Own Weaned Calf Cake


Lock’s Garage Own Ewe and Lamb Cake
Lock’s Garage Own Lamb Creep/Fattener Pellets
Volac Enerlac Lambs Milk 5kg
Volac Enerlac Lambs Milk 10kg
Volac Enerlac Lambs Milk 25kg


Lock’s Garage Own Pig Grower/Fattener Pellets
Lock’s Garage Own Sow/Pig Weaner Nuts or Rolls

All items subject to availability; If you whish to check stock in advance of coming please call 01981 570206 and select the option for the shed or email locksgarage@btinternet.com  

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