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Poultry, Game & Small Bird Feeds  



All of the Lock’s Garage Own Range is milled on our Allensmore Farm and include home grown ingredients.

As well as our chickens, runner ducks and geese the layers pellets are so versatile they keep our Vietnamese Quail healthy and laying!



Lock’s Garage Own Chick Starter Crumb 25kg
Lock’s Garage Own Poultry Mash/Pellets 25kg
Poultry Oyster Grit 20kg
Cut Maize 20kg
Mixed Corn 20kg
Lock’s Garage Own Layers Mash/Pellets 25kg
Lock’s Garage Own Duck and Goose Feed 25kg
Lock’s Garage Own Turkey/Game Pellets 25kg
Lock's Garage Own Pigeon Beans 25kg
Pigeon Peas 20kg
Conditioning & Trapping Mix 20 kg

Wild/Small/Pet Bird (Sold in 20kg bags and smaller tubs)

Wild bird food
Wild bird Miliworm
British Finch
Foreign Finch
E.M.P Rearing Food
Bird Nuts and Peanuts
Sunflower Hearts
Black Sunflower
Stripped Sunflower
Hemp Seed
Niger Seed
Maple Peas
Parakeet/cockatiel feed
Parrot plus fruit deluxe
Best Budgie 50/50
Plain Canary (with or without yellow bisc)
Premium Canary Egg  

All items subject to availability; If you whish to check stock in advance of coming please call 01981 570690 and select the option for the shed or email locksgarage@btinternet.com


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