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Vehicle Fuel Unleaded petrol, V-Power petrol, Diesel, V-Power Diesel, LPG. 
Londis Groceries Our friendly service, surprising range of fresh and grocery products at prices to suit your budget, and flexible opening hours make us the home of independent convenience shopping.
Flexolite Fluids

Flexolite are the leaders in fluid systems for classic cars and low volume specialist vehicles – the “plumbing products” that make up the fuel, oil and hydraulic systems.


Hobbyweld Gas Cylinders

Hobbyweld supply a range of professional shielding gas mixes in refillable cylinders giving you an excellent weld. If you need a refill, bring the cylinder to us. It couldn't be easier!

Local Food Home produced beef and home produced potatoes.

Local bread, cakes and biscuits, crisps, dairy products, confectionary, pies, pasties, cooked meats, venison, cheese, smoked meat, fish and sausages. 

Exotic Foods and Spices We stock a wide range of Asian and Middle Eastern spices, sauces, noodles, condiments and flavourings.
Off Licence We sell wines, beers and spirits at affordable prices to those over 18!

We also have some more interesting rare beers and ciders that you would not normally find.  

Newsagent A comprehensive selection of daily newspapers and magazines.

Stationery and greetings cards

National lottery

Top up for telephone, gas and electricity

Fresh fruit and Vegetables We supply farm fresh seasonal fruit and vegetables, the more exotic from home and abroad as well as our ever popular bags of washed potatoes. 
Ice Cream We sell a wide range of ice creams, many from local producers. 
Plants and Flowers Plants in pots and fresh flowers for the discerning gardener. Compost and bark, farm yard manure and top soil.
Post Office All of the usual services such as postage, parcels,insurance, financial services etc. as well as rod licences. 
Domestic Fuel Solid fuels Anthracite beans and nuts, Taybrite, Blacksmiths Coke, Supresse Boiler Nuts, Union brickettes and Blaze.

Logs and kindling. 

Bottled Calor propane and butane.

Kerosene heating oil and paraffin. 

Animal Feed Much of our animal feeds are milled on our farm and include:-

Dog food, cattle cake, chick starter crumb, Duck and geese feed, ewe and lamb cake, goat nuts, horse and pony feed, lamb creep, layers mash/pellets, pig fattener, poultry mash/pellets, rabbit pellets, sheep cake, turkey/game pellets, universal coarse mix, weaned calf cake and parakeet/cockatiel feed. 

Car Wash Keep you car spotless here. 
Everything from wellington boots to shotgun cartridges and vermin control products. 
Disabled Facilities Disabled toilets and disabled doorway.

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Lock's Garage

Allensmore, Herefordshire, HR2 9AS  
Email: locksgarage@btinternet.com  Telephone: 01981 570206